My Friday Faves 8/29

Bringing you my top favorite things around the web this week! I spend so much of my time online blogging and run into some wonderful content from other websites and bloggers. Every Friday I want to share some of the things I find interesting with you. It might be blog articles, youtube videos, or even just a cute e-card. Sometimes it might be personal in nature about something that happened in my week.


Here are My Friday Faves for this week:

  • I just discovered Casting Crown’s Thrive album on Youtube. I especially love the song Broken Together. I think I relate to it because of all the brokenness in my my life and my brokenness in my husband’s life. Together though with God we are going to make it, even if we are broken together. 81Smw-rPJDL._SL1500_
  • My church introduced their Christmas program. I am in love with the music! I am in choir and we started practice last Saturday. I also volunteered to help with the kid’s choir and to my delight when I went up the class Wednesday night, my husband followed me. Serving with my husband, what a blessing!!
  • Something that has been filtering through my newsfeed is the possibility of a  reunion Full House show. I was a big fan of the show as a kid. The show was wholesome and the DJ and Stephanie were good kids, not some of the disrespectful kids we see on shows now.  I am a HUGE Candace Cameron Bure fan since finding out she is a strong Christian. I would watch the reunion show if they choose to have one.

So, what things have you loved this week?


I am a Teacher


Almost done with the BE Society August Writing Challenge! It has been fun. I really like today’s prompt because I was the child that never changed their mind when it came to career choices. I am a teacher and always have been since I was a little girl teaching my stuffed animals how to read.

Today’s Prompt is:

When you were younger what did you want to be when you were older and why?

I always wanted to be a mommy and a teacher. I think my teachers inspired me to teach. I always loved kids and babies and knew I wanted to work with them.  When I got into college I bounced around a few majors, and only graduated with an AA in Psychology. I do have a A LOT of elementary education credit though and if I could pay off my school loans I would probably finish my  bachelors in either psychology or teaching. I think the main reason I wanted to be a teacher is that I LOVE to learn. Even now, I am always trying to learn something new. I want to expand my mind and learn things. A great teacher is a great learner.

I did teach for about 6 or 7 years in total at a private elementary school. I still consider myself a teacher, I just teach in different places. I teach online, sometimes at my church. and to people I meet along the way.



When the Game Stands Tall Movie Review

Disclaimer: I received complimentary tickets to see this movie in exchange for a review, all opinions are my own.

When the Game Stands Tall Movie Review I almost had to miss previewing When The Game Stands Tall. I had the chance to preview this movie in July and had to miss due to a scheduling conflict. I was so bummed, but God had a plan in mind and knew exactly the day I needed to see the movie. My husband graduated from EMT school in May and got his certification test completed in July. Ever since then he had his heart set on this one company to work with. They paid the most and had lots of other benefits. He applied once and didn’t get the job and then got a second chance. He went to that second interview on Tuesday. He still didn’t get the job and has no more opportunities left to get a job there until he finishes Paramedic school. . He was discouraged when he came home. A couple hours later, I got a message that was a last minute screening I could go to and we jumped at the chance. It is a great movie and was inspiration and motivation for my husband. God ministered to my husband through When the Game Stands Tall.

When the Game Stands Tall is based on a true story. It is a story about a football team that had an awesome winning streak, the best in football history. The team was strong because of the way the coach handled the team. The coach made the game less than winning touchdowns and more about winning in life. Several traumatic events happened to the team and a couple times in the middle of the movie I was choked up with tears. Some of the events made the coach wonder if he was making a difference anymore. He didn’t care about winning and it seemed like that was what all the new season players cared about. His lessons were falling on deaf ears. The coach doesn’t give up though and through some unconventional teaching methods begins to see a difference.

The football playing in the movie is amazing! I am not a huge football fan, mainly because I don’t understand every aspect of the game and my husband is not a huge fan. Sweat, blood, and tears- you saw the team experience it all.The plays were amazing and the end football scene you could feel the disbelief and honor during the final seconds of the clock ticking down.

This movie reminded us of Facing the Giants but without all the Bible references. God is mentioned and a few Bible verses are mentioned, but they were not central to the story. The movie is rated PG and does have some violence and references to smoking. The violence is due to come of the students living in the “ghetto” and fits in the movie.

I give this movie 5/5 stars!



Family Movie Night- Mercy Rule

Disclaimer: I received a a complimentary copy of this movie from Family Christian to facilitate this review, regardless are opinions are my own.

If you are looking for a great family movie night, watch Mercy Rule!


Mercy Rule is a great family movie with lots of love, teamwork, and laughs.

Kirk Cameron’s character, John, is very relatable and real. He struggles with anger issues, putting work over family, and even smoking.  He co-owns his father’s scrap business in the movie with his brother. John lies to his brother and risks losing his business due to inflated government regulations. With his mind so tightly on his business, he forgets his family for a bit. One of my favorite parts, is when he is trying to tell his wife that he might be losing it all and she says, “What is her name?”. John quickly explains that he meant the business and money. She then says, “then you haven’t lost everything”. This hit home for me. My husband and I have been struggling financially for the last several months due to a lost job. In some ways, our marriage is stronger than ever because our love is what is keeping up together and really the only thing, other then our faith we can say we are rich with.

Another great part of the film is baseball. The son,Cody,  loves to pitch, and thinks of himself as pretty good. Almost every scene of him has him practicing his pitching. He asks his coach all the time to pitch. Coach says no all the time in response. Though the coach seems goofy and crazy, he knows about teams and baseball and wants each kid to be the best for themselves and the team. Cody learns so many lessons in teamwork, being a friend, and life in general.

In my opinion some parts are poorly filmed or are drawn out, but please don’t let that keep you away from this movie. The story lines in this movie are great and more than make up for the sometimes poor cinematography. Also, if you are looking for a preachy, Bible thumping movie- this movie is not one of those. I don’t think a Bible is even opened or quoted. I think that is great because if someone likes this movie, then they might be interested in watching Kirk’s other movies which are more evangelistic in nature.

Watch this movie until the last second. It is very important!!! Mixed in with the hilarious credits are scenes that tie up the movie. I thought only Disney and Marvel did that, but Kirk Cameron made it into an artform.

The movie comes with a study guide with discussion questions. This is where you dive in with your family to discuss the themes presented in the movie. Some of the topics are choosing sides, whining, finding courage, and fighting envy. Eleven topics are covered in all.

You can buy Mercy Rule at Family Christian stores.

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Asking for Help

Missed a few days of the BE Society August Writing Challenge, but for a very good reason. I am a Dolphin Tale 2 blogger and I spent my weekend touring the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, previewing the movie, and meeting some of the stars including Harry Conic Jr.! I had the best weekend ever!! Now it is back to reality though.

Here is today’s prompt:

Is it easy for you to ask for help when you need it, or do you prefer to rely only on yourself? Why?

Asking for help is something I don’t do very often. I have always had an independent, stubborn streak. I remember not letting my parents teach me how to ride my bike. I didn’t ride my bike for a year because I didn’t want their help. Then one day, I got on my bike and rode it by myself. In school, when I couldn’t figure something out I rarely asked for help. I figured I could get in it on my own eventually. I would sit down and read and do until I got it right. Now as a married woman, I still rarely ask for help except for jobs I don’t want to do.   I am starting to realize that it is because of a control issue I have. I have to be the one in control. I have to be the one making decisions. In reality, I can’t control anything. God controls everything. I can only control my reaction to what happens.


Do find it easy to ask for help?