How to Handle Modern Day Pharisees

A couple days ago the Supreme Court ruled by a 5-to-4 vote that the Constitution guarantees a right to same-sex marriage. Some people rejoiced, Christians and non-Christians alike. The decision is one that shows the current state of our world. Christians who hold onto Biblical values are being socially persecuted. Here are 3 ways to respond to people who question your faith.

How are you responding? Are joining in the online debates? Are you spouting out Scripture about homosexual sin and trying to get people to see the Bible, or are you sharing the Gospel, trying to get people to see Jesus? Jesus dealt with naysayers who tried debunk his Truth with hypothetical situations in Matthew 22. What can we learn from Jesus?


3 Ways to Respond to People Who Question your Faith

Jesus was questioned by the Pharisees about paying taxes. Pharisees tried very hard to obey God, but eventually they became so devoted and extremist in small parts of The Law (plus all that they themselves added to it), that they became blind to the Truth. In Matthew 22, they are questioning Jesus trying to stump him and prove that He is not the Messiah. I love how Jesus answered their question.

He answered them simply. The Pharisees asked if they are to pay taxes. Jesus asked the Pharisees whose picture on the money.  Jesus then said, “Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” Matthew 22:21 Jesus didn’t quote a bunch of laws and verses. He didn’t condemn the Pharisees, though he did call them hypocrites when they asked him the question. He simply stated his answer. No further statements.  [Read more…]


Save Money on Groceries: Don’t Fall into the Club Store Trap

Did you know that when people want to start save money on groceries and other things, that there is a big club store trap that most of us fall in? Many people want to try and save their family money, so they join club stores thinking that buying in bulk will help them save their dollars. Sadly, that is not the case most of the time.


Save Money on Groceries: Don’t Fall into the Club Store Trap

No, I am not saying if you join, you will never find a cheap deal. But most of the time when you break it down, it is the same price or higher than if you bought it at a normal grocery store. You also have to factor in that you do pay a club fee. So if you did find an item say $1 cheaper, is it really when you spent say $30 for a yearly fee? Now, if you are a huge family, it may work out better for you but not always since buying in bulk especially items like fruits and vegetables are hard for even large families to consume before the parish.

Here’s another example of a way that it can be waste your money. For most average families, they may only use a loaf of bread once a week. So if you bought a loaf at a club store, it would come in 2 pack or sometimes 4 packs. By the time you got to the other loaves, they will have gone bad. You could freeze them but that’s only if you have enough freezer space, but most of us don’t. [Read more…]


The Best No Bake Cookies Ever

As I was growing up one of my favorite cookies was the best No Bake Cookies that was ever passed down from generation to generation.  This was one of my first recipes that I learned to do on the stove top.  My mom is a great cook and desserts are one of her being one of her best.   Her mother taught her and she taught me.  I learned how to make it about 32 years ago.  I have taught my children to make the best no bake cookies also.


When I made them as a child the recipe was different we used butter, milk instead of coconut oil and almond milk.  My daughter and I are both allergic to milk so I had to find an alternative to it.  I have used several different things but almond milk is my favorite.  We also us coconut oil because it has more health benefits than butter.

This is a good recipe to do with tweens and teens.  Most children want to cook and it is a fun way to spend time together. I have also found it to be great for bake sales and pot lucks.  It is always a big hit.  Our Pastor and one of my youth leaders always request them.  It is a old recipe that has stood the test of time.  I hope my children will pass it on to their children. [Read more…]