7 Things I Never Buy New

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is more than just for throwing things away it is for shopping too! The more you buy things used the less stuff you buy new.  I save money and the person selling it makes a little money. I won’t buy used things that are unsanitary. Here are 7 Things I Never Buy New to save money.


7 Things I Never Buy New

  1. Books. I never buy new books. I can go to the library, visit a thrift store, or do a book exchange with friends. Even with college textbooks you can get used or even rent them now. Sometimes in college I would even share a book with a friend.
  2. Decor. I very rarely buy decor brand new. I get most of my decor from yard sales and thrifting.  Picture frames, artwork, curtains (though I did make most of the curtains in my home myself) are all things I buy used.
  3. Gaming Systems and Video Games. Even if you want the latest version of a gamily system, give it a month and you will find an almost new one in Game Stop. Games are always a gamble to me. No one knows for sure that game will be a hit in your home or that it won’t be too easy. I have only bought one game new and I have since regretted it. I wanted the Epic Mickey game when it first came out. After 4 times of trying to play it, I gave up and never touched it again.
  4. Musical Instruments. Brand new musical instruments are so expensive! Renting a musical instrument might be an option if you are not sure you are going to like it. Overall though, find a nice used instrument and get the most worth for your money. I got a pretty nice clarinet for $40 used. My husband got a hold of a beautiful tuba that just needed to be restored, back in its’ prime it was the most expensive model out there.
  5. Dressers, Entertainment Centers, Tables. Pretty much if I don’t sleep on it I will buy it used. Some of these items I have even got for free. Since I know I am going into foster care and will be needing more dressers, bed frames, and a bigger table I already am scoping out the Craigslist free section. I could always restain, paint, or do over a piece that is ugly to me if the quality is good enough. [Read more…]

How to Plan a Themed Movie Night

One of my favorite frugal date night ideas is having an at home themed movie night. It takes the idea of just watching a movie together to a whole other level. It does take some planning, especially if you want to pull it off frugally.


How to Plan a Themed Movie Night

  1. Date Night or Family Night? The first decision that needs to be made is if this movie night will just be for two or for the whole family.
  2. Movie Choice. Think of a movie you have seen before or a new sequel to one you have seen before. The best part about a themed movie night is adding touches to the night that highlight parts of the movie. If you haven’t seen the movie before it will be harder to know what exactly to include in your evening.
  3. Meal Choice. This is where the fun begins. Your meal can be based off the location of the movie. For instance, we did a Lilo & Stitch Movie night and had Hawaiian based dishes. Your meal could also have movie names for regular food. For examples, we did a Star Wars movie night and had Chocolate Covered Pretzel Light Sabers, Princess Leila Honey Buns, and Jar Jar Links in a Blanket.
  4. Costume Choice. Are you going to dress up? I think it adds a bit of fun, especially for the kids. My husband doesn’t always participate but I usually do. If you are watching Dirty Dancing put on a pretty dress. For 80’s movies tease your hair and put on blue eye shadow. The possibilities are endless once  you think about the details of your chosen movie. Be sure to shop at thrift stores so you don’t spend too much.  [Read more…]

2015 Back To School Giveaway

Welcome to the 2015 Back To School Giveaway!

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As a former teacher, I just love Back to School time. I still substitute sometimes and love developing lessons and fun learning activities. I am excited to have the opportunity to join in this fabulous giveaway! Be sure to also check out my Back to School Shipping Tips and Budget Friendly Homeschool Resources!

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