2014- A Great Finish

2014 2014 was a rough year for my family and my blogging. Here are some of the struggles I faced this year.

  • My husband went back to school, things were tough during those 3-4 months financially and then my husband lost one of his jobs. Thankfully, my mother in law was there to help us with rent some.
  • My blog’s focus has been all over the place. I finally have figured out what I am doing. Starting a 3rd website was not the greatest idea and it quickly got canned. Faith n’ Pixie Dust is all about the things I do: weight loss, frugal living, and sharing about my faith. I am so glad Joanna is part of the Faith n’ Pixie Dust team. She is such a sweet spirit! Pixie Dust Savings is all about my Disney obsession and showing off the local places around where I live in the Tampa Bay Area. I have started a new portion of this blog called Club Frugal, when I find freebies and deals I love I will share them with you!
  • My husband has been struggling to find work in his new field. My husband completed his EMT certification and is trying to find work in that field. He had an interview at one company and failed. The failure set him back when it comes to motivation. Then his current job started working him Monday through Friday and he didn’t even have time to look for a job. He has finally gotten his schedule figured out and has been looking for a job again. Please pray with me that he will find an EMT job soon. He hates working fast food.

Like the title of this post, the beginning of 2014 wasn’t the best but the end rocked! Here are some of the blessings we had in 2014. [Read more…]


Dear Mary- A Christmas Devotional

Dear-mary-a-christmas-devotional Dear Mary,

I often wonder what you were feeling on the night you gave birth. As a woman without children, I can only partly imagine what you may have been going through regarding childbirth. The part I relate with most is that you were given such an important job from God. We are all given important jobs from God, whether we are preachers, teachers, missionaries, or just a testimony of God’s love with our everyday living. We may not be giving birth to the One that will save us from all our sins, but we are all responsible for sharing the Gospel. That task is scary sometimes.

You had to find an open place to give birth to the Savior. I am trying to find an open heart to accept Him as well. Sometimes I knock on doors, mostly though I just try to knock on their hearts. The world has filled up their hearts, so no room can be found, just like there was no room at the inn for you and Jesus.  You gave birth to the Savior in a dirty, messed up place. Sometimes the people most likely to receive the Savior are also a little dirty and most likely messed up, at least by our standards.

You were willing Mary, I hope I am as willing as you in fulfilling God’s purpose for my life. I try.

Doing just what God had told you to do, not only took care of you but others ahead of you. You took care of baby, your one job and others are affected because of that. God directed the Wise men towards you. Sometimes when I share God’s love with someone, I have no idea what God’s plan is. He may be directing that person to be a preacher, missionary, or even just a great example of a Christian family. I am doing my small (big) job and God is using it to influence the world.

Photo Credit: Flickr CC Grace Christian Church



Dear Elizabeth- A Christmas Devotional


Dear Elizabeth,

I may not understand everything Mary went through, but I can relate with you, Elizabeth. You went through almost your whole life barren. I have been waiting for a baby for a little over eight years and that seems like almost a lifetime to me. What I admire about you best is that you didn’t let your barren period turn you away from God. The Bible states that you and your husband were very faithful to God, “And they were both righteous before God, walking in all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord blameless.” I admit, I probably sometimes take out my infertility frustrations out on God. Thank you for the example to keep living for him. I may never get pregnant, but I can remember your example of living a faithful life even without kids. If you would of held onto bitterness from your infertility, you wouldn’t of been the mother of John the Baptist who led many to Jesus. [Read more…]


The Heart of Christmas


I have not had cable for a long time. My husband and I have been watching DVD’s and youtube for our entertainment. We recently decided to get Netflix. I really did not know how much Christian themed content was available on Netflix!! They have so much on there. Since it is the Christmas season, I have been watching quite a few Christmas movies. I was so excited to stumble upon The Heart of Christmas. I recently posted that the song One Last Christmas was one of my favorite Christmas songs. Did you know that story is also in a movie?!?! The movie stars Candace Cameron Bure too.

Though you know the sad ending, the story still warms your heart and gives you hope. I think the biggest thing I learned from the movie was the support of the doctors and other parents at St. Jude. It seems like it is one big family and much needed, especially when facing such trials as a young terminal child. The movie is also a reminder to live each day to the fullest. Each moment is a gift from God and should not be spoiled!

I give The Heart of Christmas 4/5 stars.

Check out the trailer! For more information about Dax please check out his website HERE.


10 Ways to Save on Laundry Costs

10-Ways-to-Save-on-Laundry-Costs Laundry…the never ending chore. Even with just myself and my husband we got through a lot of laundry. He works two jobs, each requiring a different uniform. He also is in paramedic school which has its’ own uniform as well. I can go through less clothes, because I work from homer but still accumulate a lot of laundry. Here are some of my tips to save on laundry costs.

10 Ways to Save on Laundry Costs

  1. Make your own laundry soap. I do this every once in awhile. You basically end up paying pennies per gallon. You can make it powered or liquid.
  2. Use less detergent. Make sure you pay attention to the line on the cap. A lot of companies put the line halfway up the cup, knowing you are going to fill up the cup regardless. Take an extra second and measure it out. It will stretch out the soap a lot more than  you realize!
  3. Wear clothes more than once. This is especially true of jeans and sweaters. Wearing clothes more than once  will also extend the life of your clothes. [Read more…]