My Friday Faves 9/26

Bringing you my top favorite things around the web this week! I spend so much of my time online blogging and run into some wonderful content from other websites and bloggers. Every Friday I want to share some of the things I find interesting with you. It might be blog articles, youtube videos, or even just a cute e-card.


Here are My Friday Faves for this week:

  •  Grey’s Anatomy came back on!! I absolutely love that show. It felt weird without Christina, but the show was still good. I hope Meredith accepts having another sister once she finds out about her.
  • Oofos shoes. I got a free pair of Oofos shoes for review purposes and I am loving them. Full review coming soon!
  • Empower Kettleball workouts. I got received a free Kettleball and DVD from Empower Network and I enjoyed workout 1 and 2 so far. Right now I am taking a break because I sprained or pulled one of my chest muscles. Full review coming soon!
  • Old Stuff- Right now my family is in a state of reorganizing my home. We are losing a bedroom (my office/craft room) and got a storage unit. I had such fun this week going through old letters, cards, and mementos.
  • Though this song isn’t new, it is one of my favorite songs to listen to when I am having a bad day.

Shop at Winn-Dixie Like a Coupon Pro!

You can save a lot at Winn-Dixie! You can save on more than groceries too with the Fuel Perks Program.

Items to Buy at Winn-Dixie:

  • Meat- BOGO Deals galore and I like the quality of the meat.
  • Eggs- Eggs go on sale for 99¢-$1.50/dozen in a pretty regular sale cycle.
  • Bakery Items- Some stores have a day-old section, I buy from there.
  • Yogurt- Yogurt is a usual Fuel Perk item and coupons are usually available.
  • Frozen items: pizzas, fries, veggies, breakfast items
  • Gift Cards- Get Bonus Fuel Perks
  • Milk & Cereal- A lot of times they have a deal where you buy so many cereals and get milk FREE

Items to NOT Buy at Winn-Dixie:

  • Produce- A lot of times their original price is more than Publix or Walmart, so even a BOGO sale doesn’t save me much. At my Winn-Dixie the produce isn’t the best either.
  • Health & Beauty Items- Again, you have a very high starting price, so savings are not much. The best place to get Health & Beauty items is at a drug store.
  • Pasta: Usually pasta deals are better at Publix

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Joanna’s Missions Trip

missions trip


I  can’t believe it has been over a month since I got home from our mission trip.  My husband and I along with my two kids had the privilege to go to Antigua on a mission trip in August.  We went along with one other adult, 2 college age students, and 3 teens…..10 in total.  This is the first missions trip we have gone on and I can’t wait to go on another.  Although the next one is not scheduled until 2016.  I encourage everyone to go on one if you get a chance.  I put up Facebook status everyday to let everyone back home know what was going on.  Later on I realized it was a great way to capture our memories of the trip.   Below is the chronicles of the trip.  One of the teens helped make shirts for the trip and put our theme verse for the trip on it.


For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many………….Mark 10:45


Day one….It was nice leaving this morning for our missions trip knowing that God is with us always and that my parents are at the house to take care of things. We are ready to have an amazing trip. Pray that Gods will work in each of our lives and that we will listen and obey Him. I love the fact I will be in full time ministry even if it is just two weeks. We already know God will be stretching us in many ways. I will added updates as I can. Love you all and keep us in your prayers

Day two…Busy travel day…God is good all the time….all the time God is good…VBS bag was exactly 50 lbs…somehow my bag did not get weight… The Bakers are great, found out they have a connect with one of our former Pastor. Visited the Church were we will have VBS, much different then our own. It will be great to serve them the next 4 days. Pray for us as we do VBS the next 4 days.

Day three….What a great day. We had 27 kids for VBS. Everyone did great…so proud of Dan who gave a great lesson to the 7-10 year Olds. Marietta and Julia did great with the songs. Tyler had fun with the games. Chris, Tyler, Pastor Sean and Vinny had a great opening skit.  Christian did great as Max with the puppet and the kids like him in general. Ryan was a great help in so many areas. And I of course took lots of pictures.

Day 4…. We had 49 at VBS…. Marietta, Christian and my class has 19…. Age 2-6. We had 2-16 years olds attend today. Test of the day for my group we thought we left our Bible verse and coloring papers back at the house…..we grouped together and figured out something else…… Just about then the papers showed up in the totally wrong place. We passed the test!!! the kids are learning the songs and Julia is doing great leading them. Vinny, Marietta, Tyler, Julia and Chris hike a hill today and took in the awesome creation of God. Ryan hand washed the Lunch dished and made food for himself today…so grown up. And Dan was the glue of the group as always. We see how little they have here and yet they are so happy we are very spoiled people. We wish we had brought more to share with them, but we know we have brought the most important thing….the GOOD News of Jesus Christ. thank you for the prays.

Day five….We had 57 today 24 in the youngest class. Everything went well. Team went to the beach while I stayed back and work on a video and also babysat the famous spaghetti. After dinner we met a new friend, pastor Martin he give us his testimony and told us how instrumental Caribbean Radio Lighthouse was. We also found out that he knows another of our past pastors. The team is really tired tonight and struggling so pray for them. Pray for all of us as we present the gospel. May they be ready for harvest. Overall it has been a great trip so far. To God be the glory!!! [Read more...]

Be Crafty and Frugal: Tips to Save on Craft Supplies

I love to craft! I think I love doing almost every craft there is. I am constantly learning something new and letting my creativity soar. Now when you begin a new craft it can get costly. My husband sometimes cringes when he hears that I want to learn a new craft. He also knows that I am  super frugal and can usually start and maintain my crafting habit for very cheap. Here are some of my best tips to save on craft supplies. save-on-crafts


  1. Check Craigslist and other free and resell pages. I have gotten boxes of various craft supplies for free or very cheap using these type of sites. Sometimes someone is stopping a craft and they get rid of everything regarding it.
  2. Upcycle. Keep a collection of recyclable items in your stash to use. Tin cans, stax containers, egg cartons, tissue paper and more can help you make beautiful works of art. I get free-cycled clothes and use buttons, zippers, and material for projects.
  3. Yard Sales. One time my mother-in-law got a whole box of cake decorating stuff for $1. Buy a box of random things for cheap and then pass on what you can’t use.
  4. Coupon Apps. Hobby Lobby, Joanns, and Michaels all have a weekly savings coupon and they have an app so you don’t even have to remember to cut the coupon or buy a Sunday paper.
  5. Clearance. Check the clearance section of not only craft stores, but regular retail stores, home improvement stores, and discount stores.Sometimes their craft items don’t move as fast so the discount is steeper.
  6. Thrift Stores. Be sure to check out thrift stores. If you don’t find craft supplies, bu on the lookout for organizational items to keep your craft area clean and tidy so you know where all your supplies are.
  7. Get Organized with the Dollar Tree. Sometimes just knowing where all your items are helps save money. If you are blessed enough to have your own craft room, keeping it organized is key. You can still keep organized without a dedicated room. Get containers from the Dollar Tree and clearly label them. Another way to keep organized is with a pegboard. My husband custom built me a craft desk with a pegboard attached. I LOVE it.
  8. Learn to Properly Care for your crafting items. One of my crafts is painting. I learned how to properly care for my brushes and paints so that I don’t constantly have to rebuy them.
  9. Learn new crafts through Youtube or cheap online courses through Craftsy. Classes at Crafts stores usually have a hefty price and require you to have certain materials. Going through youtube or Craftsy lets you go at your pace and is a free or very cheap. Also ask a friend that does the same craft, to see if they will share with your tips and tricks.
  10. Sell some of your masterpieces to fund your crafting habit. I love scrapbooking and for a little while I was selling scrapbook layouts. My mother-in-law sell these beautiful pillows and potholders that she makes.
  11. Buy Quality Items where it counts. Yes, most of the time I want to the cheapest prices possible, but sometimes to save most you have to make an investment in certain products. I will be sharing with you soon some of my favorite crafting items. Quality matters in some areas, but not all. Make sure to read reviews on products you are thinking of buying.
  12. Borrow non-consumables. Have something you really just can’t afford now or like me don’t really have the space for right now? Borrow it. Make sure you return it in great condition and if it uses something consumable fill it back up.
  13. Buy seasonal items after season. Get seasonal material and papers after the season.

What is your favorite craft and how do you save on Crafts Supplies?



Photo Credit: Flickr CC 

Mom’s Night Out Movie Review

moms night out

Movie Summary (no spoilers)

Mom’s Night out stars some of my favorite actresses and actors, including Alex Kendrick, Patricia Heaton, Trace Adkins, and Sarah Drew (Grey’s Anatomy). Sarah Drew plays, Allyson, who is a busy stay at home mommy blogger trying to get a grip on life. Actually she is just trying to have one minute for herself. Allyson ends up getting a couple of other mom’s together for a night out with the men watching the kids, except nothing goes as planned. In the end, Allyson learns an important lesson about being a mom and wife.

My Thoughts

My husband and I finally got to see this amazing movie! If you have not seen this movie yet, you need to!! At first I thought I would get weepy and depressed because the movie is about being a mom but I didn’t. I think I was laughing too much to get weepy at anything. The comedy is hilarious and inventive. When I first started watching the movie, I thought I could tell you the comedic plot but I was wrong. This movie takes you on such great twists, turns, and even a car chase.

The point of the movie is that every woman is good enough, whether it is being a single mom, or being a wife. God gave us the roles of wife and mother and we should rest on that, not worry about if we are good enough. The movie also stresses friendship. I think sometimes we get on an island and when we do that all of our circumstances, including the little things bog us down.

Overall I give Mom’s Night Out 4.5/5 Stars.

You can find Mom’s Night Out at Family Christian stores or Amazon.

Have you seen Mom’s Night Out yet? What did you think about it?