A Great Birthday and It is not the Mouse’s Fault!

My birthday was last week and we went to Disney! I also love my Disney days, even though we don’t always go to the parks. We started off my birthday by parking at the Animal Kingdom Lodge because we were having my birthday dinner there and thought it would be easier parking there then parking in DtD. We went inside to drop off some of the best cupcakes in the world (Sugar Darling’s) and get me an I’m Celebrating button for my birthday. I was given a rose and while we were pin trading I was given an extra pin!

After we pin traded there we went to Downtown Disney and pin traded. We got some really cool pins but didn’t stay long because someone told us that King Pin was going to be at the AKL and he is great to trade with. We got there and barely made the time he was there. He also allowed me an extra trade because of my birthday!

We had dinner around 5 at Boma’s, I stepped out of my usual comfort zone and tried lots of new foods there. It is an African¬†restaurant¬† The best thing was the Zebra Domes.

Disney April 2013 002


After the dinner I got a special plate of chocolates just for me. Vier means to celebrate!

Disney April 2013 014


We spent the next day pin trading and partying in Downtown Disney. I danced and had so much fun!

The following day we traded a little more in Downtown Disney and when we got back to our car we found out we were robbed. Someone broke into our van through the back window and stole our laptop and all the pins we had in our pin book. I was one sad little Disney fan. I am trying not to lose my love for Downtown Disney, it was not their fault but rather some heartless punk!

So I am on the hunt for a new laptop with zero funds. Fun, right?!?!

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