Beginning to Heal

I went back to church last week. Well, I went to orchestra practice. I play the clarinet. This was my first time in orchestra. I have forgotten so much of the clarinet. I have to relearn a lot of the fingerings and so much more.

My relationship with God isn’t totally repaired but I am hoping that I begin to see my purpose again. I think my problem is I put my value in what I do rather than just in who God thinks I am. When my business is doing well, I do well. When my house is perfectly clean, I feel great. When I eat healthy for a day I feel great. On the other hand, if I perceive my business is bad, I don’t want to get out of bed. When I argue with ┬ámy husband, it makes my whole day bad. I shouldn’t let external circumstances affect me. I am not my business, my marriage is only a part of me.

I still need to get back to quiet time with God. I am finding that part the hardest.

I still need to find a few close friends. Friends to have coffee with, chill with, and gab with.

I am so excited for my date tonight. I am going to watch the midnight premiere of Monsters University. Afterwards, my Hubbu and I are going to catch a late night snack at Steak & Shake! Yesterday we watched Monster’s Inc. to get us into the mood.

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