Surprising Things I Learned in Foster Care Orientation

Now that my husband has started his career, it is time for us to start on our next journey. My husband and I have wanted kids for a LONG time. I have battled with my infertility ever since we tied the knot. In the last three years I have really accepted the fact of not being able to give birth to my own biological babies, so we have been preparing our heart for foster care.53381ae589239604b5b5b5a68f61e5ad


Surprising Things I Learned in Foster Care Orientation

This week my husband and I attended the foster care orientation. We are so excited to start this journey! Once we arrived we were handed a huge packet of information to fill out so we can get approved to start the foster care training classes.  I was not expecting the paperwork to start so early. The packet had a lot of questions and asked previous addresses, health concerns, criminal history, financial information and questions about our past.

Once we sat down, we introduced ourselves to the group and shared what brought us to the decision to foster. For us the reason is twofold. Being a former foster kid, I knew of the need. My husband and I want to be a positive influence on a child, to love a child, and make a difference in their life. The second reason, a kind of selfish one, is that my husband and I want to be parents. We eventually want someone to call us Mom and Dad. We want to spoil kids on Christmas and share the wonder of God’s creation with our children. Others were there because all of their children were grown, kinship care, and wanting to help. It surprised me how many people  were former fosters. I think that is awesome!

One of the social workers explained the relationships and people we work with as foster parents. Working together with others is vital to the child’s well being. As a foster parent you communicate with the birth parents, courts, schools, day cares, therapists, and more. Though I am kind of timid in most situations, I think I would be able to advocate for a child.Continue Reading

5 Adoption Stories for Mother’s Day

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Family Christian. I received an appreciation certificate for doing this post. All opinions are my own.

I have been through 8 really hard to deal with Mother’s Days. I want this year to be different. I do not want to dwell on having any relationship with my biological mother, my miscarriage, or years of infertility. This Mother’s Day I want to celebrate the hope for the future. Soon my husband and I are going to do our foster care orientation. I am super excited about journey we are beginning. This Mother’s Day I want to glean hope from people who have become mothers through adoption. These 5 adoption stories warmed my heart and have me excited about my future. I may not be a mom right now, but I can start praying for the children who may be in my home soon.Adoption Stories

5 Adoption Stories for Mother’s Day

Johnathon’s Adoption Story– Robyn from The Neighborhood Moms was able to foster adopt Johnathon at just 17 months old after coming to her at just 3.5 months old. I love reading about stories where people get to adopt babies from foster care, though my heart breaks at the thought of a child losing such an important part of their lives, I am thankful for people who are willing to step up and adopt these little ones.

King’s Zoo and Funny Farm– This is a blog that is about a wonderful family that has adopted several children. Each adoption story is beautiful and you can tell the family loves God.

Asher’s Adoption Story– Liza from Addicted to Saving is from my hometown and has one of the best couponing blogs out there. She is a super sweet person too! Her family adopted Asher from  Ethiopia. I hope to someday to do an international adoption. Continue Reading