TTC Blogging Challenge Day 27

Day 27:
If you had known that you would have trouble conceiving, what would you have done differently in life? If you already knew, did that knowledge affect your other life choices?
I had knowledge I was going to have trouble conceiving. When I was a teen, my primary doctor tried giving me birth control at age 16 and another type of drug at 18. I had thought that I wouldn’t need to worry about it because starting a family was something I was not looking to do at that time. I was never told I had PCOS or a thyroid problem.
I think the only thing I would do differently is to take a more proactive role in my healthcare. Birth control is not the best treatment for PCOS.  It masks the symptoms rather than treat the causes. Only when my weight spiraled out of control did I care what was going on with me.  I used my husband’s access to EbscoHost so I could access medical journals. I did my research and found the treatment plan I wanted.
Things are just not going right.  If you have been following my blog you know that Tropical Storm Debby took our vehicle. We bought another vehicle, a 2001 Town & Country. It has broken down twice in the last 2 weeks. It may have an electrical gremlin. We are waiting on the mechanic to call us back and let us know what the deal is. If it is an electrical problem, we are selling the van and trying again. Ughhh!!! I want a reliable vehicle that is clean and newer than the year 2000.  We are broke right now, so this is going to be fun :/ This a picture of my dream vehicle because I want it filled with kids.
I talked to my DH and told him about how I am feeling about our diet and he agreed to be supportive in a diet change. We had done it before and we will start again. Looking forward to my weight ticker moving  in the right direction. : )

TTC Blogging Challenge Day 26

Day 26:
What do you use the “nursery” for right now? If you already had a baby, what did you use it for before pregnancy?
                Right now my “nursery” is a storage room, not intentionally though. We just moved to our new apartment from a bigger house and haven’t gotten a storage unit yet. When we start the foster care process we will get a storage unit and start decorating the room.
                Speaking of foster care, I guess we are starting that process sooner than I thought we would. As soon as my husband starts a new job I guess we are starting the process. My job right now is to research where we want to take the classes through. I know I do not want to take the classes through the state. I prefer to take them through a Christian organization because of the Christian support system. I know several churches that offer the classes, so I will probably start making calls in the next couple weeks? For those who do foster care, what type of questions should I ask during the information meetings?  Being a former foster kid, I know part of the process, but not all of it.
                Other than getting the room ready for kids, there are various other things I am looking to update or make more child safe in my home.
                So please pray that my husband gets this new job he interviewed for last week. We should find out later this week or the beginning of next week. I am on pins and needles and kind of stress eating and not exercising. I have such a great PCOS treatment plan and because of stress it is getting put to the side.

TTC Blogging Challenge Day 25

Day 25: Talk about a time when you made someone in your life understand more about infertility.


ea4b4c866baa82c022ca0558150e3c47I think I try to share about infertility with most people I come in contact with. I try to get at least 4 points across.

4 Things I want You to Understand about Infertility

  1.  “Just relax and it will happen”–That is a myth. If that were the case I would have been pregnant way before I started officially trying. I have fun in the bedroom. We do it often enough. I don’t even stress that much now about ttc. I don’t even take my basal temps. I let go and let God for several years and it did has not happened yet.
  2.  Just because I can’t conceive doesn’t mean God doesn’t want me to become a parent. Through fertility treatments, adoption, and foster care God has provided many means for us to become parents. I do not feel as if I am going against God when and if I use fertility drugs or treatments. Are you going against God when you get vaccines, take antibiotics, or wear makeup?
  3. It is just not your time. Who is to say that? God determines when my time is, not you. He determines whether I am at peace with certain fertility treatments and/or adoption options. I especially don’t like when people tell me, enjoy your life without kids. Yes, there are some perks being childless, but when your heart is breaking for kids in both your and your husband’s heart I think the time has come.
  4. I am against abortion and teenage mom reality shows. I would give anything for those babies that get tossed away or born to mothers who hardly have the maturity to raise their children. Granted some teen moms are great, I just think it should not to glamorized.

Most people just don’t understand. I think the person I have tried to get to understand about infertility the most is my MIL. My MIL though doesn’t even care if we have kids.


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