Giving your best!

My husband wanted to watch Facing the Giants the other day. I love that movie and have watched it many times before. One scene impacted me a lot this past time, it kind of convicted me. The coach is trying to get the captain of the team to have faith in their abilities. He blindfolds him and has him do a dead man’s crawl. The captain thinks he can only go at most to the 30 yard line, maybe the 50. Through pushing him farther- telling him to give it his all the captain makes it to the endzone. The coach keeps yelling, “Give me your best”. It made me stop and think am I giving my best.

Am I giving my best to my body? Do I always choose the best foods to put into it? I know lots of information about healthy eating. I am pretty good at estimating how many calories I am eating. I know which foods to avoid. Do I do my best making it happen? Do I exercise as much as I should? I have to say I don’t always give my best for my body. I am going to change that, even if it just a few steps a day. I will give till it hurts because I deserve it. My body is the temple of God. I will love it.

Am I giving my best to my husband? Do I make him a priority? Do I spend enough time in prayer for him? Do I make sure he is eating right? Do I try to please him as much as I can? I can honestly say no. I put myself first too much. My husband is my hero and I don’t always treat him that way.

And finally am I giving my best to God? That I know I can say no. Until recently I stopped going to church. Even when I was going before I was “playing”. The church I am going to now is amazing and I feel like I am growing leaps and bounds. I am wanting to give God my best. I pray that I do my best from this point forward. I know I am not perfect and will make mistakes but I feel as if my heart has not been in it. I want my heart to be involved more than ever now. I feel like I have had a spiritual revival in my heart.

How do you give your best? You got to have JOY

1.  Jesus- Put Jesus first. If you think the cliche WWJD (What would Jesus do?), you would always be doing your best,

2. Others- Put others before yourself,. For those who are ttc like me are you taking care of yourself in the best possible way to be baby ready. The little baby we dream of deserves our best.

3. You- Take the time to take care of yourself, you can’t give your best to others if you are not taking care of yourself.

Who is your shade tree?

I just started going to a new church. This Wednesday was the first time on Bible study night. I caught the last session of the “Living a Life, Love, and Laughter” by Swan. The video sermon was great, I wish I could have been to the previous five sessions.

The lesson was about how his grandfather planted shade trees for his property that he never got to sit under. Swan’s father and future generations got to get blessings from those shade trees.  In the Bible Jeremiah was told by God to pay full price for a field at a time when everyone was about to be led away by captivity. Later generations got to enjoy that land, even though Jeremiah had no idea why he was buying it.  (Jeremiah 32:9)

And of course Jesus planted planted shade trees for us at Calvary.

In the Bible study we were given worksheet. I am going to answer some of the questions in this post.

1. Think of those people who have gone before you and planted shade trees in your life. Who are they and how did they pave the way for you?

My foster mom is my biggest shade tree. She taught me about Jesus’ love, forgiveness, and why bad things happen to us sometimes. Her relationship with my foster dad was the first picture I saw of a loving marriage.

All my past Sunday school teachers and VBS teachers also paved the way for me. They taught me the basics, had me memorize God’s Word, and showed examples of his love.

2. Being a shade tree planter can require a costly commitment. Think of the persons you mentioned in question #1. What did investing in your life (and the life of others) cost them?

My foster mom offered up her home which I believe affected her 2 biological kids a lot. They didn’t quite like the foster kids. Now later in life they don’t have a great relationship.

Sunday school teachers and VBS workers gave up time, talent, and money to invest in the children they were working with.