Dealing with Father’s Day While TTC

I am not sure how others deal with Father’s day while TTC, but   I personally celebrate it.
In the past I would have rather written off Father’s day. My relationship with my biological father is fractured. I went into foster care in my teen years, so there is really nothing to celebrate there. The relationship is getting better though. My father has accepted Christ and I know that with time and trust the relationship will get better.  My foster Dad died several years ago. He was my hero. He taught me so much in the three short years I was in their home. He was very loving and treated my foster mom like gold. He modeled God’s love. It was my first look at a functional, healthy family. It is still hard for me to go to church on Father’s day and Mother’s day because of all the pomp and ceremony given to the day.

Now as a married woman, I celebrate my husband on Father’s day. I did have one miscarriage early in our marriage so we celebrate Mother’s and Father’s day. Not only because of that. I celebrate what I see in my husband that would make him an awesome father. He is very good with children. He is hard working, willing to do whatever it takes to take care of his family. And yes, a husband and wife constitute a family. They do NOT need children to be considered a separate family unit. I get really annoyed when people say, “when you have a family”. We are one!! I see my husband as one who would teach our children about God, respect, and honor because he is full of those things.  I also celebrate the love and support he has shown me through this TTC mess. 

Maybe I celebrate Father’s day because I am scared that not celebrating it would mean I am giving up on ever being parents.  I don’t even want to go there. So, yes, tomorrow I am celebrating Father’s day. I am making my husband a special dessert and we are grilling out. I love my husband with all my heart.

So if you are TTC, how do you deal with Father’s day?