I’m In!! Pulling Back the Shades Book Team

I got a wonderful email yesterday letting me know I was accepted to be on the Pulling Back the Shades Book team. I am so excited!! Pulling Back the Shades is a book exposing the lies of 50 Shades of Grey. I have to admit I read the book and fell for its’ lies, so having the chance to read Pulling Back the Shades and promoting it is really special to me.

My marriage grew stronger the last half of 2014 as my husband decided to battle his addiction to pornography and make our marriage better. I have shared some of the ways I am coping with my husband’s addiction, but let me share some of my story. While God is healing my husband, God was healing me from my past as well.

When I was fourteen and in a foster home, I was raped. I didn’t say anything because the home I was in was temporary and I was leaving that week. I didn’t think it bothered me much. With all the other drama going on in my life, it fell on the back burner. Spring ahead 20 years– my husband and I are doing a marriage devotional and I realized it affected me more than I thought it did. The rape affected my value and the way I looked at sexuality and that in turn affected my marriage. Now I am on the road of healing and capturing the most intimate relationship with my husband.
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In the next few weeks I will be sharing more of my story and a lot more about Pulling Back the Shades by Dr Juli Slattery & Dannah Gresh.