I Like Storms by Angela Holland

This is a guest by Angela Holland talking about her new book called I Like Storms: 22 Stories of Faith.  I Like Storms comes out Monday, July 20th. 2015. I love being inspired by adoption stories and part of Angela’s story is a story of international adoption.

I Like Storms by Angela Holland

I Like Storms was birthed during one of the most unyielding seasons of storms in my life, storms that left me numb and in shock. In just 8 months, I’d lost several close family members and then my two year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I’d faced trials in the past, of course, but good health was always something my family had an upper hand on. We had no history of chronic illness, so I couldn’t even comprehend the idea of managing life with Type 1, on top of my grief.

But even during those difficult days, God made me aware of how crucial my reaction to those trials was. I chose to rise above the storm with Him and find joy. I was pressed but not crushed, persecuted but not abandoned, struck down but not destroyed. The Joy of the Lord was my strength. That first night in the hospital with my sick son, I determined to make use of every opportunity to encourage and strengthen others. This book is the result.

God impressed on me that it was my battle to forge through the darkness of this world with words directing others to the faithfulness of Christ. Instead of crushing me, the storms that rained down gave me courage and filled my heart with His light.

During this time, as we were still getting used to caring for a chronically sick child, God asked us to step out once more in faith. He wanted us to demonstrate His love of the fatherless by adopting another child internationally. He has shown His incredible faithfulness to us, guiding us every step of the way as we have traveled across the world, spent countless hours completing paperwork and organizing fundraisers, and helping me to write this book.

My intention when writing I Like Storms was to raise funds to bring my little man home, but God had other plans! Only a few days after I completed the manuscript, we were GIVEN a brand new home AND the full amount of money needed to pay adoption fees! God’s amazing, generous provision, way beyond what we could have imagined or expected, officially blew our minds!

I pray that as you read through I Like Storms, sharing in my family’s experiences, you will be encouraged and it will cause you to soar above the storms of your life.

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