All Lives Matter

Have you seen the news lately? People committing crimes, cops getting shot, and political leaders fueling the racial divide. Browse social media and you will see the hashtags #BlackLivesMatter and #PoliceLivesMatter. What frustrates me is that a lot of the same people who share those hashtags don’t usually mean anything outside of those groups. I have to say that all lives matter. Could that be a trending hashtag? #AllLivesMatter66dbecfa9ff912596d788c00cd1509f8


Police Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Unborn Lives Matter

Disabled Lives Matter

Poor Lives Matter

Elderly Lives Matter

Hispanic Lives Matter

Christian Lives Matter

This week is Sanctity of Life Week. National Sanctity of Human Life Day is celebrated on January 18, 2015. The phrase sanctity of life refers to the idea that human life is sacred and holy. Life is precious. Life is a miracle. I urge you to spread the message that all lives matter. Not only do all lives matter here on Earth, all lives matter in the afterlife. God created us to have fellowship with him. God wants that fellowship with all of us. If you really believe All Lives Matter, take it past the earthly realm. Share your faith and let Jesus save lives from eternal suffering.

Here are some practical ways to show that ALL LIVES MATTER:

  • Show a pregnant teenager love, not condemnation. She chose life after all.
  • Visit or write people in your church/community that are in rest homes.
  • Become a Big Sister/Big Brother.
  • Help a single parent by making a meal, cleaning house, or something else that would be a blessing.
  • Show love and God’s forgiveness to a woman who has had an abortion. Her life matters as well.
  • Donate time or money to your local pregnancy center.
  • Spend time with someone battling cancer.
  • Be a vigilant voice against the indignities of human trafficking and the demoralization of innocent men, women and children. Don’t be silent in the face of injustice—be their voice!
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