Look before you lock!- You have got to be kidding me

I almost choked on what I was eating when I overheard the news last night. They are suggesting you place your purse and/or cell phone nest to your child’s car seat so you don’t forget your child in a hot car. Does society place more value on a cell phone than a child? I think the answer is yes. The Bible says, “Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him.” Psalm 127:3. Children are a reward! As someone struggling with fertility this concept of “forgetting your child” totally angers me. According to the government, 23 children have died this year alone because of being left in an overheated car. A couple of months ago a woman accidentally left her child, who was strapped in a car seat, on top of her truck and drove off. The child came toppling off the car and was rescued by an onlooker. And who can forgot Casey Anthony, the girl who partied while her child was missing?
I think there are several reasons for this lack of concern for the children today. The first reason is that people do not realize what a gift children are. When you don’t recognize the value of a life inside the womb, not much changes after the baby comes out. A lot of people consider babies to be inconveniences. God designed children to be blessings. Being a mom is top priority!! God gave us that job! The Proverbs 31 woman earned money but did it through her home not through a job where someone else was taking care of her children. I understand with the economy some people feel they have to work, but some many sources say it is not worth it– financially or mentally.
The second reason people do not realize children are special is that most people are not making families, they are making babies. Unwed mothers have so much on their mind because they have to provide for 2 that it would be easy to get sidetracked from caring for the child.
The last reason I am going to talk about is the state of the current generation. My generation is the “Me” generation. It is all about me! I need a dog- then I rehome it, I need to eat this- then I am overweight, I want this thing I can’t afford- then I am in debt, I want sex- then I can’t take of the baby, I want a baby- but I can’t handle raising it. Raising a child isn’t about you, it is about the child.
I value life, even my pet’s life. One of the reasons I fell in love with my DH was that on date we discovered a dog locked in a hot car and my husband was about to bust the windows to rescue it. The owner came out and my husband almost beat him up. I knew a man that could care that much about an animal’s life, would care for me and our future family indefinitely.
Sorry this was just my rant! I am struggling to have a baby and people are “forgetting” theirs.