Memory Making Day!

Yesterday my hubby and I played hooky from church and went on spur of the moment stay-cation. We packed up a picnic and the dog went off.

We first went to the Enterprise Dog park in Clearwater. It is a huge dog park that has an agility course and lots of off leash trails. It doesn’t separate big and small dogs and Jaq-Jaq always seems to find great playmates. We stayed there for about an hour and then rinsed Jaq-Jaq off and went to another park recommended  by someone at Enterprise.

Next we went to Phillipe Park. It is a gorgeous, sprawling park.  We walked along the bay and let the dog play a little bit in the water. We even met another couple dogs and Jaq-Jaq learned to play with other dogs in the water. It was so fun! We found a good spot to have a picnic and ate our lunch. I had a banana, ham & cheddar sandwich, some Ritz cracker chips, and some water. Lots of water since we did a bit of walking it was a VERY Balmy 80 degrees.

Since we liked the dog playing in the water so much we looked up a dog beach on the phone and found Picnic Beach Dog Park. It was a huge success. When you are driving to the park you would think you are going the wrong way because you are driving through what seems like an abandoned industrial park, but the dog park is beautiful and Jaq-Jaq had lots of fun playing with the other dogs. Gordon and I both got in the water too. We got a bit wet and our van in now layered in sand!

Then we made our way towards our nighttime destination of the Rawls Road Christmas Light show. On the way we passed my favorite thrift shop and since I was soaked my hubby let me shop a little. Was a little sobering though since I have been so bad with my healthy lifestyle a lot of clothes didn’t fit. This was reinforced at home when I finally stepped on a scale. We made to to the light show a little early so we pulled over and had our dinner and I set up our “smores snack mix”. A little treat I found on Pinterest.

We looked at some other lights before we went to the light show. Then once it got dark enough we went to the light show. It was pretty well done. Reminded me a little of the Disney Spectacle of Lights.

We continued after the show to just look around for lights and making memories. I love my husband so much and we kind of needed that special time together,. We looked at lights until the fog got to dense to be able to see if a neighborhood had lights or not. My husband said we are going out again later this week. I hope that happens.

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