Joanna’s Missions Trip


I  can’t believe it has been over a month since I got home from our mission trip.  My husband and I along with my two kids had the privilege to go to Antigua on a mission trip in August.  We went along with one other adult, 2 college age students, and 3 teens…..10 in total.  This is the first missions trip we have gone on and I can’t wait to go on another.  Although the next one is not scheduled until 2016.  I encourage everyone to go on one if you get a chance.  I put up Facebook status everyday to let everyone back home know what was going on.  Later on I realized it was a great way to capture our memories of the trip.   Below is the chronicles of the trip.  One of the teens helped make shirts for the trip and put our theme verse for the trip on it.


For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many………….Mark 10:45

Day one….It was nice leaving this morning for our missions trip knowing that God is with us always and that my parents are at the house to take care of things. We are ready to have an amazing trip. Pray that Gods will work in each of our lives and that we will listen and obey Him. I love the fact I will be in full time ministry even if it is just two weeks. We already know God will be stretching us in many ways. I will added updates as I can. Love you all and keep us in your prayers

Day two…Busy travel day…God is good all the time….all the time God is good…VBS bag was exactly 50 lbs…somehow my bag did not get weight… The Bakers are great, found out they have a connect with one of our former Pastor. Visited the Church were we will have VBS, much different then our own. It will be great to serve them the next 4 days. Pray for us as we do VBS the next 4 days.

Day three….What a great day. We had 27 kids for VBS. Everyone did great…so proud of Dan who gave a great lesson to the 7-10 year Olds. Marietta and Julia did great with the songs. Tyler had fun with the games. Chris, Tyler, Pastor Sean and Vinny had a great opening skit.  Christian did great as Max with the puppet and the kids like him in general. Ryan was a great help in so many areas. And I of course took lots of pictures.

Day 4…. We had 49 at VBS…. Marietta, Christian and my class has 19…. Age 2-6. We had 2-16 years olds attend today. Test of the day for my group we thought we left our Bible verse and coloring papers back at the house…..we grouped together and figured out something else…… Just about then the papers showed up in the totally wrong place. We passed the test!!! the kids are learning the songs and Julia is doing great leading them. Vinny, Marietta, Tyler, Julia and Chris hike a hill today and took in the awesome creation of God. Ryan hand washed the Lunch dished and made food for himself today…so grown up. And Dan was the glue of the group as always. We see how little they have here and yet they are so happy we are very spoiled people. We wish we had brought more to share with them, but we know we have brought the most important thing….the GOOD News of Jesus Christ. thank you for the prays.

Day five….We had 57 today 24 in the youngest class. Everything went well. Team went to the beach while I stayed back and work on a video and also babysat the famous spaghetti. After dinner we met a new friend, pastor Martin he give us his testimony and told us how instrumental Caribbean Radio Lighthouse was. We also found out that he knows another of our past pastors. The team is really tired tonight and struggling so pray for them. Pray for all of us as we present the gospel. May they be ready for harvest. Overall it has been a great trip so far. To God be the glory!!!

Day six….Today was the last day of VBS…there is a tropical wave here which just means lots of rain…. Even with the rain we had 47 kids.. 21 in my class today…somewhere between 8 – 14 kids raised their hand for salvation. We will miss the kids very much. The team did a great job I am so very proud of them. We went into town to shop today and Sean was able to talk to a lady about assurance of salvation.. Pray that the seed that was planted with her will grow.

Day 7…..This morning we cleaned the Bakers church. Most of the churches here are much smaller than our Grace Bible Church. It did not take too long to clean it but the Baker’s said we cleaned things that had not been cleaned in a long time. Pastor Sean mowed and weed eated the lawn….just could not put it down for two weeks I guess. Vinny got on a very tall latter and cleaned the fans. We watched as Jerry sealed the creaks to keep the bats out. He said there are two that like to play in the front during evening service. We also did sight seeing of the island. It truly is a work of God’s art here. Pray for us tomorrow as Sean teaches the men’s Sunday school, I teach the woman’s Sunday school and Marietta, Julia and I teach Children’s Church.

Day 8….Very busy day of church…both Sunday school classes went well and also children’s church. Marietta and Julie were a great help in children’s church. The church we went to in the am was The Baker current church. Between service we went to the beach and played in the water. Then for the pm service we went to a larger church. Tonight we are up late getting ready for the nursing home tomorrow. Pray that we are a blessing to all that are there. Pray our voice will do well for the singing and scripture verse.

DAY 9….We started the day at a nursing home…one of our teens later commented that the poorest Americans lived in a better place than these people did…we sang, read and prayed to four groups of people. I thing we really encouraged then. Afterwards we ate pizza…teens really enjoyed the pizza. Marietta and Julia have been a delight to work with…..they have worked very hard and have had very tender heart for the children and older people we have served. They have put up with the boys just being boys very well. I am so glad they are serving along side of us.

Day 10….Living together for 10 days is HARD and we have several to go. Pray for the team to have love and patience for one another. We had a tour of the radio station today. Amazing what they do in such a small space. They truly care about what they are doing and it shows. It had been great serving here with the Baker. I am so very glad we came to help with one of the missionaries that we support at Grace Bible Church. They are a very gracious couple, that has shone our team the love of God in action. We are working on projects here at the Bakers house tomorrow. Pray that we can do all they need and even more. We want them to be thankful for our team coming to help them. It is amazing what they do with so little. Things are very expensive here on the island.

Day 11…Great work day today… The girls painted while the boys dug, dug, dug, dug, and dug some more. The boy have been a great help on the trip and it is great to see them grow. They have stepped up in so many ways. I am sure this trip will have a lasting impression on them. They are the church’s future leaders and I am glad for all of them. They joke around and have fun but when it come time to work they do it with all their might. Vinny, Tyler, Christian, Ryan, and Chris have done a great job. Tomorrow is our last full day here it is so hard to believe it is almost time to come home. Pray for us to stay safe and be ready for our trip home on Friday.

Day 12….Good last day of the mission trip….today was a free/cleanup and packing day. One of the biggest thing I have learned on this trip is that Caribbean Radio Lighthouse ministry is not just a radio station. They are a team that loves Jesus and is making a real difference here in Antigua. The Baker helped us put together a mission trip that had the group doing and see alot on the island. We worked at one of the staff members church doing VBS. She also was involved in 2 other VBS and also camp. Another staff member has a Friday club where at least 75 children attend. They are also closely involved with 9 churches here they do so many other things and there is just no space to name them all. Pray for them to work out their lease and to receive more finance for the radio station. Make sure you Like there page and check out some of the things that they are doing here on the island. We are on our way back tomorrow pray for safe travels.

Day 13….Can I say I don’t like travel days!!!! As I write this we are in the van driving from Miami back to Hudson. It has been a great trip but I will be glad to be home in my bed and my AC. Dan has been a trooper. He stayed with the boys all week and put up with all their boyness. We would not have made it without him. We are very grateful for all the people that made this trip possible. A big part of it came for those who attend Grace Bible Church. There are 10 to 16 new addition to heaven because of your generosity Also he Baker can cross of several things off their to do list. 12 people can do a lot of work in comparison to 2. The team is different for when we left, this is a mission trip we will never forget. Pray for the rest of our trip home, it is late and we are all tired. THANKS TO EVERYONE THAT HAS DONE SO MUCH FOR THIS TRIP.