My Top 5 Blogging Affiliate Companies


I have been blogging just over a year and I have learned so much. I think for a little bit I am going to share some of the things I have learned so that others can learn as well. This blog is a more personal blog, so I don’t monetize it very much. Pixie Dust Savings is a couponing, frugal living, and Disney blog and leans itself very easily into monetizing. Here are my top five affiliate companies, in no particular order. I am part of more than these but these stand out to me.

  • Escalate Media: This is an excellent affiliate company. The have amazing, no spammy offers. Plus they have a low $25 payout and they pay out very fast. Another thing I like is the people you work with. You account managers really help you if you get stuck. They offer the highest payout for because they add on a new user pay. 
  • Commission Junction (CJ): They are awesome because they have tons to companies to promote. My favorites are The Disney Store, Groupon, and Walgreen’s.  Unlike Escalate Media you don’t have an account manager, but when you call for assistance you get immediate help and they pull up your account and look at your activity so you don’t have to explain everything each time you call. Their payout is a little bit more at $50, but once you get going you should be able to get payout.
  • My Savings Media: They run similar offers to Escalate and also offer the personal customer service. It is nice to get email and actually be addressed by name and get personal non-scripted responses to questions. They also have a $50 payout.
  • Linkshare: They have Walmart and a lot of other retailers. You get to pick your payout amount.
  • Share-a-Sale: This company has lots of lesser known companies that offers paid posts sometimes, review potentials, and so much more. They also work with Destinations in Florida, which is one of the main reasons I joined them.
Disclaimer: Some of these links are referral links.  


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