Pregnancy Center Training

Today I went to a training to be a volunteer for a pregnancy center. I know what you must be thinking. How can someone suffering from infertility help women who are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy? Heck, I thought the same thing, but I prayed about it and still felt led to go to the orientation meeting. I am glad I am did.

We introduced ourselves first and what led us to the volunteer for the center. Most of the people volunteering had children and one was even a prior teenage mom. I figured at first that I would would have nothing to offer. Then God showed me that my past (abuse & foster care) can help someone else in a way everyone else in that room can’t understand.

I brought up my concern about struggling with infertility and being around pregnant teens. The volunteer coordinator said that my experience as a teacher and as a foster kid would help greatly and that God wouldn’t give me a client that I could not deal with.

So, I am going to be a volunteer client advocate. I will be counseling young women about pregnancy and the options available to them. Showing them that God loves them, because that is the root of their issues. I can get over myself and help others see God in a way that impacts eternity. I am excited! Please pray for my training which is about 3 months.1f2cce08e02446c31fb0103f7f74bdc9