Resurrection Eggs- A great way to share the Easter Story!


Resurrection EggsResurrection Eggs are a great  visual that I used with my students when I taught elementary school.  This is such a great hands on way for kids to learn about the Easter story. They get to touch and feel each part of the story and help you tell it. I even got the attention of the older kids as they were guessing as to what piece would come next. When you engage more senses, you make it more real to the child. I love seeing children get so excited about the resurrection of Jesus!

I would also recommend having Resurrection Rolls and making it a family night. Here is a recipe for Resurrection Rolls. Veggie Tales have several great Easter films to watch as well. My favorite is The Easter carol because of the song by Rebecca St. James.

Family Christian store has these eggs for $16.99.

Amazon has Resurrection Eggs as well.

The set includes a detailed booklet in English and Spanish that discusses what each symbol represents, to help you share the story of Easter in a child-friendly way.Resurrection Eggs


Each part of the story encourages the child to open another egg and find out why that piece is so important.


Blue Egg – Little Donkey
Light Pink Egg – Silver Coins
Light Purple Egg – Cup
Orange Egg – Praying Hands
Green Egg – Leather Whip
Yellow Egg – Crown of Thorns
Light Orange Egg – Nails on the Cross
Light Green Egg – Die
Purple Egg – Spear
Light Blue Egg – Linen Cloth
Pink Egg – Stone
White Egg – Empty

Product Details:
Ages: 3 & up.