Sandy Hook Memorial Thoughts

This morning there was a National moment of Silence for the Sandy Hook victims. A bell chimed 26 times, once for each adult and child that died in this tragedy. I turned on the TV just in time to catch it. They showed a picture of each person for each bell toll. It was nice, but honestly I am kind of over the news coverage. It was awful that it happened. I can’t even imagine the grieving of the families. It is an untimely death to begin with and it is also the Christmas season. I mean, some of those families, had probably had their Christmas present bought. My prayers are with them as this Christmas is going to be especially rough for them.

What I hope dies down the most, is all the talk of more gun laws. Granted, I don’t have any guns in my home but I am all people bearing arms, even “war” guns. Bad people will always get access to a weapon if they want to. You can make bombs in your kitchen, you can steal someone else’s automatic weapon (drug dealers and the mafia probably have a ton), or you can find some other way to do an evil crime. I want my husband to be able to protect me from anything. Anything includes intruders into my home, a government who turns on me, or enemies from another country in my land.

Instead of gun control, what should be looked at is the availability of mental health care. It is expensive! The church is overwhelmed with the number of people requesting counseling and a lot of churches do not have the right resources to counsel mentally disturbed people. So even churches give people few suggestions and send them on their way. There is a need for more qualified CHRISTIAN counselors and psychiatrists. I do not believe the government has the answer in this issue either.

Counseling is something close to my heart. My birth mother is mentally ill. Her family pretty much labeled her a black sheep. I had counseling as a teen and got pretty upset by the experience. Since most counselors have a humanistic philosophy of counseling- they try to get you to find the answers within yourself or they label you with a mental illness and drug you. Because no one believed my abuse story at first I was labeled mentally ill.  The answer for your problems is not within you, it is in Jesus. If someone is mentally ill, help needs to be given in a nonjudgmental way.

The media is not trying to glorify the shooter, which I am glad. But I do wish they would disclose a little bit more about his past. From what I hear, several traumatic events took place in his life. His parents got divorced, and even though it is common place it is still devastating for a child of any age. He had autism, which from what I heard was not dealt with in a positive way. It seems to me like the shooter was also a victim and I also pray for his family.

Sorry about my random, all over the place thoughts. I am saddened over this event and hope more people get called to Christian Counseling because of this.