The Need for Unity in the Church

Can you see the need for unity in the Church? I look around our world today and see how people … people that are calling themselves Christians are attacking one another over such trivial things.  Like if the church has pew or chairs, if there is a cross at the front of the church, or if there are guitars and drums being played in the church.  In a family, you might pick on one another.  But if anyone tries to pick on one of the family you will fight for them.
There are important things, things we should not budge on, such as:
  1. The Bible was written by man but God inspired.
  2. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
  3. That Christ was the Son of God
  4. That Christ truly died, was place in a tomb, and rose again.

We don’t want to overlook doctrine.  There are biblical principles that we cannot waver on because the Bible tells us exactly the way it should be.  Christ wants us to live in unity with fellow believers.

We need to examine ourselves and ask “Are we hurting our testimony with those in the world”. Are we attacking one another to be right as the world is watching? Because they are watching and waiting to see what we are doing.  They want to be giving a chance to embrace or attack us.  We, the church, need to be united in the name of the Gospel.  The gospel is what can change the world.  If we live our lives in the light of the gospel we will be the light of the world. When other people see that we live differently they will see Jesus in us.

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