The Lamb of God

Names and titles have a lot of meaning. I am a sister, friend, wife, daughter, child of God, and more. God has many titles and names that reveal his character. With Easter approaching I want to share a little bit about why Jesus is called the Lamb of God and what it means to me.38deb41f07d1e81d2929fc0d8538a1d0


Before Jesus died on the cross, Old Testament people had to sacrifice a lamb, the most perfect one they could find, to have their sins forgiven. When Moses led his people out of Egypt, then had to put lamb’s blood on the door posts and the angel of death would “passover” them. The shedding of blood cleared people of their sins. When God sent Jesus into the world as his Son, he had to be blameless like the spotless lamb, so he could be sacrificed for our sins. I thank God everyday for sending His Beloved Son to die like a lamb for my sins. I do not have to perform animal sacrifices because Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice.

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