Sanctity of Life 2015: Stories of Life

January is the Sanctity of Life Month


January is the Sanctity of Life month for me it is a life purpose from natural conception to natural death.  Most people think that abortion is the debated sanctity of life issue, but truly every life matter whether in the womb or out of the womb.  I was only 22 months old when Roe vs Wade made abortion legal.  I want to tell you two stories that really moved me.

The first was about 15 years ago one of my best friends at work opened up to me about the abortion she had and how it haunted her.  She had gone in to get advice on what she should do with the baby she was carrying.  She was young and unmarried.  They told her an abortion was not a big deal she would be fine.  So she had the abortion and she was not fine.  After this she had 2 other babies she gave up for adoption and then gave birth to her son.  At the time she and her husband was expecting another baby they were keeping.  My friend told me of the hurt she had carried for so many years.  Everyday she thought of the baby she aborted and at time could not even function at all.Continue Reading

All Lives Matter

Have you seen the news lately? People committing crimes, cops getting shot, and political leaders fueling the racial divide. Browse social media and you will see the hashtags #BlackLivesMatter and #PoliceLivesMatter. What frustrates me is that a lot of the same people who share those hashtags don’t usually mean anything outside of those groups. I have to say that all lives matter. Could that be a trending hashtag? #AllLivesMatter66dbecfa9ff912596d788c00cd1509f8


Police Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Unborn Lives Matter

Disabled Lives Matter

Poor Lives Matter

Elderly Lives Matter

Hispanic Lives Matter

Christian Lives MatterContinue Reading