Tips to Stop TTC taking the Romance Out of Sex

TTC Blogging Challenge Day 24: Has being TTC affected your sex life with your spouse?

I remember sometime last year when my Dh and I were really TTC and we were DTD  every other day like clockwork. After sometime we lost some of the romance and it turned crazy. One time we ended up laughing hysterically and feeling like 2 virgin teenagers because of the awkwardness of doing it too much. So over time I have developed some ways that I spice up the deed. Here are my top 3 Tips to Prevent TTC from taking the Romance Out of Sex.

First, let me give you some background on me. I was raised in a independent, fundamental baptist church. Most of my sex education came form there until I was much older so a lot of things seemed “dirty” to me. Now as I mature in my faith and my marriage, I am learning so much about sex and the function of sex as God intended. I don’t do this stuff all the time, but to spice up regular sex, it is fun.

3 Tips to Prevent TTC from taking the Romance Out of Sex

Tips to Prevent TTC from taking the Romance Out of Sex


1. LET GO. I always tended to hold myself back sexually. Maybe because of my weight I felt unsexy. Maybe because I was scared of what sounds I would make or how I would look. Now I don’t care. I am learning to enjoy sex. It is fun! I usually make sure I orgasm, though I rarely get it from straight intercourse, other foreplay is in the picture.

2. DANCE!! This is especially easy to do when you don’t have kids. Turn your living room into a strip club! Get a workout video with striptease moves (it is a great workout too) and just have fun. Your husband will like it no matter how horrible you think your performance is. Be confident- as that is what drives men wild anyways. Pick out an outfit where you can take if off slowly, one button at a time. Tease him.

3. PLAY it Up! Be the French maid, wear fuzzy handcuffs, or whatever else. Just have fun! Serve dinner wearing lingerie, wake him up happy, use a different room.

What are some ways you spice it up?

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