TTC Blogging Challenge: Day 2

Welcome to the 2nd day of the TTC Blogging Challenge. Check out all the questions along with a free printable in this post. Today we are going to talk about the most ridiculous thing you ever heard about conception.


Discuss the most ridiculous thing you ever heard about conception. Where did you hear it? Did it work for someone else? Did you try it?

                The most ridiculous thing I have ever heard about conception is something I saw on the Anderson show. It was about this guy that offered his sperm for people who were trying to conceive, mainly lesbian couples as I remember. The women would track their charts and then they would come to his house and get the sperm.  One couple went a couple miles down the road and injected the sperm with a turkey baster. To me that sounds silly. It did work and that is probably close to how insemination works.  I wouldn’t use someone else’s sperm. I have not done a sperm analysis on my DH, mainly because we know I am the one with PCOS.  If I can’t BD for the baby to be conceived then adoption is my only other alternative in my mind.  I understand people that choose insemination, either with their husband’s or donor sperm, but that option is just not for me. I also do not have thousands to spend on something that may or may not work.