TTC Blogging Challenge Day 25

Day 25: Talk about a time when you made someone in your life understand more about infertility.


ea4b4c866baa82c022ca0558150e3c47I think I try to share about infertility with most people I come in contact with. I try to get at least 4 points across.

4 Things I want You to Understand about Infertility

  1.  “Just relax and it will happen”–That is a myth. If that were the case I would have been pregnant way before I started officially trying. I have fun in the bedroom. We do it often enough. I don’t even stress that much now about ttc. I don’t even take my basal temps. I let go and let God for several years and it did has not happened yet.
  2.  Just because I can’t conceive doesn’t mean God doesn’t want me to become a parent. Through fertility treatments, adoption, and foster care God has provided many means for us to become parents. I do not feel as if I am going against God when and if I use fertility drugs or treatments. Are you going against God when you get vaccines, take antibiotics, or wear makeup?
  3. It is just not your time. Who is to say that? God determines when my time is, not you. He determines whether I am at peace with certain fertility treatments and/or adoption options. I especially don’t like when people tell me, enjoy your life without kids. Yes, there are some perks being childless, but when your heart is breaking for kids in both your and your husband’s heart I think the time has come.
  4. I am against abortion and teenage mom reality shows. I would give anything for those babies that get tossed away or born to mothers who hardly have the maturity to raise their children. Granted some teen moms are great, I just think it should not to glamorized.

Most people just don’t understand. I think the person I have tried to get to understand about infertility the most is my MIL. My MIL though doesn’t even care if we have kids.


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