TTC Blogging Challenge Day 3: Perks of Childlessness

Welcome to the 3rd day of the TTC Blogging Challenge. Check out all the questions along with a free printable in this post. Today is all about perks of childlessness!


Day 3:
When talking to your fertile parenting friends, what is/was your favorite “perk” of childlessness to rub in their face? Sleeping in? Vacations? Hot pre-pregnancy body? Come on, confess!
 I usually don’t expound on the perks of childlessness. But if I were to, I think I would rub in vacations and being able to go anywhere I want whenever I want.  My husband and I love to vacation to Disney. We try to go once every 2 years or so, even if it is just staying in a resort for a weekend.  Since I do not have any kids, the cost is cheaper. Going out to dinners and special experiences are just for 2, instead of for a whole family.
What do you think the perks are to not having any children? Are you like me and trying like crazy to think of a perk? Let me know in the comments.