TTC Blogging Challenge Day 4 : Hard Holidays

Welcome to the 4th day of the TTC Blogging Challenge. Check out all the questions along with a free printable in this post. Today we discuss which is the hardest holiday for you as an infertile.

Day 4: Besides Mother’s Day, what is the hardest holiday for you as an infertile?

My birthday!  My birthday reminds me I am another year older and still childless. I see friends with children and every year their children get older. Some of my friends have teenagers.   I feel as if I am stuck. I didn’t even really want to celebrate my birthday this year. Thankfully I can celebrate at Disney and at Disney all of my problems in my real life go away as I slip into the world of fantasy.
                What I should do is look at how I have been able to concentrate on me, but my inner being says it is time to concentrate on the next generation. This is a daily battle for me and one I will continue to work on.
What holiday is hardest for you? Let me know in the comments!