TTC Blogging Challenge: Writing Prompts to Encourage

I am starting a 30 day TTC Blogging Challenge that I found on  Beckie’s Infertility Journey. I think this writing challenge will get me into the habit of writing every day. I  would love it if some other ttc bloggers would join me in this challenge. Drop me a comment so I can read your challenge answers too. Some of the days I will be posting ahead of time, because of my trip to New York next week.


Day One: How did you and your partner decide when you were ready to start trying to conceive?

My husband and I wanted kids as soon as we tied the knot six years ago. Shortly after we got married my husband got a job promotion that moved us away. When we moved we got a two bedroom apartment so we could have room for a baby. I did get pregnant rather quickly; I believe it was just a chemical pregnancy though. I didn’t work outside the home, so we were ready for a blessing.
Then we went through a rough patch with my health. I found out that I had hypothyroidism, but at that point I did not have much access to health care. Since we knew our chances were slim we kind of just stopped caring. So the premise “once you stop trying, it will happen” didn’t happen for us.
Once we moved back to Florida and got a handle on my health again, we were ttc for about 3 months. Stress from my job slowed us down again.
I quit my job early this summer and now I am ttc again, this time with a bit more hope.

TTC Blogging Challenge Prompts Printable

I look forward to your comments and posts about your infertility journey.