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About Faith n’ Pixie Dust | A Christian Living Blog

Do you ever feel like you are alone in your Christian life. Even within a wonderful church family, you can feel alone in your Christian life. I know I sometimes do. My name is April and Faith n’ Pixie Dust is my little space on the web for sharing what I have learned in my Christian walk.

About Faith n’ Pixie Dust

My hope is that you find hope and encouragement here at Faith n’ Pixie Dust. I accepted Jesus as my Savior in 1998 while attending Bible college. Even though I was raised somewhat by my church, I was just there because they loved on me more consistently than my real family. One summer I went every VBS in my town, I just wanted to be around these people who were so nice. I didn’t know the difference between knowing Jesus and accepting Jesus. There is a difference. I can know about Christianity just like I can know about Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc, that doesn’t mean I am going to Heaven.

About Faith n' Pixie DustI learned so much about the Bible, Christian life, and Christian psychology while in Bible college and I love sharing what I learned. The Bible has the answer to everything in our life, plus has perfect examples of how we are to live our lives. Our world is riddled with so much hate and only Jesus is the answer.

Personally I have gone through childhood trauma, a marriage hurt by pornography, infertility, and several health issues. I could not have survived all of this without my Savior, Jesus Christ. God has given me comfort and wisdom in dealing with all my issues. I am not perfect in my Christian walk (no one is) but I believe my story and experience will help many who have experienced some of of the same things as I have.

So, please grab a cup of coffee and get encouraged here at Faith n’ Pixie Dust. You can join on Facebook, see my daily life on Instagram, pin with me on Pinterest, and see what I tweeting on Twitter.