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Dear Eve- A Marriage Devotional

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Dear Eve,

As you know, you are the first example we have of what being a wife is like. Sadly, you missed the mark. I have learned from your mistake and try to remember your lesson often. You have taught me the power of being a woman, and how that power can hurt our husbands and ourselves. Though the husband is the head of the household, we all know that us women are pretty powerful. We have the ability to have our husband’s become putty in our hands. We can change their minds and have them do what we desire. What we do with our power can either strengthen our marriage or break it down.

Eve, you knew not to eat of that fruit. God had said that. Adam knew as well. You blamed the serpent after you tasted the fruit. Sadly, you used your power the wrong way. You gave Adam the fruit to eat. Maybe you gave him puppy eyes, or smiled seductively. Maybe you gave him hope that everything would be ok. Whatever happened, he followed you into sin.

I understand. I have done that myself. For example, my husband and I would set a budget and say no eating out that week. We will be out and we will drive past our favorite place to grab a bite. I know we can’t really afford to go out, but it sure does sound good and I decide I am not in the mood to cook. I start asking and eventually I get my way. If I would not of asked, it would have been avoided. My husband doesn’t like to deny me anything I want. What loving person wants to deny their loved ones’ something they desire? I know better though.

I have a choice to help my husband get closer to God or to lead my husband down an ugly path. Not only should we pray for our husbands in areas they struggle in, we should also pray that we don’t use our charms in a way that will bring our family down a wrong path.

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