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Discovering Your Beauty

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder or so they say. I think beauty is a deeply personal issue and you have to think you are beautiful before anyone else does. Lately, I have been looking at the concept of beauty differently. I am closer to fifty than twenty and my look is changing.  Yes, I am getting more silver hair, more wrinkles, and drier skin. I am also getting more confidence. The steps to discovering your beauty are steps I believe every woman must take, hopefully, you take them a lot earlier in life than I did.

Steps to Being Beautiful

Remind Yourself of How Beautiful God Sees You

You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you. (Sol. 4:7)

You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body
and knit me together in my mother’s womb.
Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! (Ps. 139:13-16)

Your workmanship is marvelous – how well I know it. (Psalm 139:13 – 14)

For we are God’s masterpiece… (Eph. 2:10)

Find Your Style

Everyone rocks a different style. Even within trends and eras, there are style differences.

I have a love for retro and vintage beauty. That is the style I feel absolutely stunning in. I love circle skirts, sweetheart necklines, and the classic looks of the forties and fifties.  That is the fun thing about fashion, it is personal. Your style makes you, you!

Did you ever watch that show, What Not to Wear? I loved that show, but have since found some flaws in the show. Most of the time Stacy and Clinton made people over in the same chic’ style and many times in styles the person felt uncomfortable in and could not afford to maintain. Yes, the people showcased needed makeovers in the style department. The people usually did not have a style or their style was not great for their career and/or body type.

How did I find my style? I thought about looks I am drawn to (peruse Pinterest for ideas) and things I feel fabulous in. I am still in the process of honing in my style. My best advice in finding your style is to trust your instincts, and wear what makes you feel like the best version of yourself. Part of this is also discovering how to dress your body shape. Discovering my style was one of my first steps to being beautiful in my world.

Develop a Self-Care Routine

Self-care is so important. As busy as life gets, take time to take care of yourself. You are worth it! Self-care is more than a skincare routine, it is the planned things you do that take care of your body, mind, and spirit.

Being stressed out, eating bad foods, and not getting enough exercise and sunshine are my downfalls when life gets busy. When I take the time to plan activities, healthy meals, and exercise that make me at my best then I feel put together and beautiful.

Here some self-care ideas you can start planning for your schedule.

  • morning coffee or tea while reading your Bible, devotional, or inspiration piece
  • morning/evening skincare routine
  • weekly manicure/pedicure
  • a daily walk, run, or bike ride
  • healthy meal prep for the week
  • spend 10-15 minutes doing crafts such as adult coloring books, beading, painting.
  • naptime

Find Beauty Products You Love

One of the reasons I avoided beauty products in the past is because I found them to be ineffective, expensive, or I did not like the smell. I am slowly trying and finding the products that I love and that work on me. Just the process of using beauty products makes me feel a little more beautiful.

Lotions, makeup, and other beauty products aid us in being beautiful. They do not make us beautiful, they are helps. I personally don’t like when a person looks totally different without makeup on. I am not a barn that needs to be painted, I am more like a beautiful mansion that needs a little maintenance and touch up paint.


One of the most important steps to being beautiful is smiling. Think of the pictures and selfies you love of yourself. More than likely you are smiling in them. I know most of mine have me smiling in them, the best ones are the candid smiles. Smile more, look for things to smile about.

A smile not only shows your outward beauty, but it also reflects your inward beauty. It draws people towards you. A smile welcomes friendship.

Have Confidence

Confidence is beautiful. I am a plus-size woman living in a “small” world. I know I am beautiful and though I do like to hear it from others, I do not NEED to hear it from others. When I am rockin’ an outfit I know I look good in, I don’t need anyone’s approval. I don’t even need my husband’s approval, even though he always thinks I look good.

Take selfies, jump into pictures with friends, show others how to feel beautiful because you feel beautiful.

Having confidence does not mean to put other women down. You can feel confident about yourself without tearing down someone else. Self-confidence gives you the ability to lift up others. I hope I can help you find your beauty and develop confidence in yourself.

Final Thoughts on Discovering Your Beauty

You are your measure of beauty. Please don’t use your measure to find another’s beauty. Encourage and lift other women up. Teach young girls and teens how to find their own style in a culture where following the crowd is the thing to do.

Another thing that helps me personally to know I am beautiful is my faith. I believe God made me and all my flaws. I am perfect in His eyes.

What steps to being beautiful do you need to work on? Being beautiful never ends, even my 100 Grandmother had her own style and self-care routine.

Sharing is caring!

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