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What is the Purpose of Homemaking?

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Homemaking has gotten such a dirty reputation, especially if you don’t have children. I don’t have children, by the way. The purpose of homemaking is not just cleaning and cooking, it is more significant than that. The purpose of homemaking is making a home from your loving hands. It’s part of being the Proverbs 31 Woman.

Homemaker doing it all

I long for the days when an old fashioned housewife was esteemed as important!

The Purpose of Homemaking

Let’s look at the word, making. Synonyms for making include creating, fashioning, executing, shaping, designing, preparing, dreaming up, and putting together. The purpose of homemaking is creating and shaping a home life that you desire for your family. Homemaking is executing your design, whether you choose to be a full-time homemaker or a part-time homemaker.

Our home is to be a safe-haven from the outside. Creating a warm and inviting home can take some work.

What Does a Homemaker Do?

Even though homemaking isn’t all cleaning and cooking. Cleaning and cooking are part of the homemaker’s tasks. I considering homemaking to include some of the following areas. This list does not include everything and can vary from home to home. I am sharing the jobs I consider most important in my home.

Cleaning. A clean home is a comfy and healthy home. Housework is not something that comes easy for me, but over the years I have come to love having a clean home. Learning ways to clean easily and on a budget is important to me. Cleaning the home also includes organizing and de-cluttering.

Interior Design. Designing the way the home looks and feels inside and out is a homemakers job. I love creating a peaceful and zen environment for my family to relax in after a tiring day out.

Meal Planning. Planning ahead for the future, whether it is one week or one month, is a great thing. Meal planning saves so much time and money. Meal planning also allows you to show your creativity as you get to vary and create menus. Nourishing your family is important.

Meal Preparation. Notice I didn’t say cooking or baking. I personally love cooking and baking. Not everyone is great at cooking and baking though. Preparing meals whether you are heating up frozen nuggets and fries or cooking a five-course meal from scratch is homemaking.

Scheduling Manager. Someone has to keep the schedule together. Making plans for the week and even scheduling out time for a yearly family vacation is something I feel proud to do as a homemaker.

Parenting. Taking care of your children or making sure they are well cared for in childcare is an important part of being a homemaker. You are shaping their hearts and minds to become productive, loving adults for the future.

Marriage. Creating a loving marriage takes two people. Learning how to love your husband and build him up is part of homemaking. Getting married is easy, maintaining a marriage takes work.

Homemaking is a Journey | Find Your Purpose in Homemaking

My housewife life is a journey. I am old enough that I saw quite a few full-time homemakers growing up but young enough to not have had home economics in high school. Looking at the list of tasks above is a bit daunting when you were never taught some of the basics. This problem is facing even more women today as the homemaking role is being diminished. Doing homemaking tasks is now called “adulting”.

Just like in a job outside of the home, on the job training and continuing education is important to homemaking. I constantly learning new things, new recipes, new home management ideas, new ways to keep my family relationships strong.

Let’s discuss! What do you think the hardest part about being a homemaker is?

Purpose of Homemaking

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