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Sarah’s Choice Movie Review | A Movie About Abortion

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While browsing through Netflix I came across the movie Sarah’s Choice. A lot of movies regarding pregnancy and abortion involve teenagers. This movie is different though because Sarah, played by Rebecca St, James, is a working woman.

Sarah is about to get a promotion at work, she is in a long-term relationship, and seems to have a great support system. The idea that a grown, successful woman was considering abortion was something that threw me off. I liked that the movie was showcasing a different kind of story than the norm.

Sarah's Choice Movie Review

When Sarah finds out she is pregnant she is scared. She goes to the local clinic and gets her pregnancy confirmed. The nurse suspects it is an unplanned pregnancy and instead of listing options, immediately goes towards the abortion option. Though the nurse or any other clinic worker doesn’t call it abortion, they call it a procedure.

The nurse asks her why she is hesitant and when Sarah mentions her faith, she is told that while the Bible is nice, it is not a science textbook and then compares the embryo/fetus to a wart.

On the way out of the clinic, Sarah runs into an older woman that hands her a Christmas card and tells her she will have three visions. Sarah is a bit confused still and discusses the pregnancy with her friend, boyfriend, and some family members.

Her friend tells her that she had an abortion when she was 16 and doesn’t regret it because the father is still working a dead-end job years later. Sarah also got pressure to have an abortion from work, when someone tells her to either get rid of the “problem” or she will not get the promotion.

Since I don’t want to give the movie away, I will just say that the visions are very revealing and the person who gave her the Christmas card in the first place was very surprising and gave the movie a great ending.

I loved that the movie mentioned and dealt with post-abortion grieving and healing.

My rating for this movie is 5/5 stars. If you are looking for another great movie regarding abortion and pro-life, please check out my review of October Baby which is also on Netflix right now.

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