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Infertility Journaling Challenge: Writing Prompts to Encourage

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Infertility is something very close to heart. Journaling about my infertility and trying to conceive journey has helped me deal with all the emotions that come from about during this period of my life. If you are looking for some prompts, I have created a month-long Infertility/TTC journaling challenge, I hope these writing prompts encourage you.


Infertility Journaling Challenge

Journaling during any situation can be so healing. I ave found writing out my feelings and experiences during my infertility to be so helpful.

You can either write the answers out in a journal or you can start a blog.

If you start a blog you have a few options.

Use Starting a blog on is free. You might not be able to make your blog exactly the way you envision but it works.

Use This option does cost but really not that much. You can get a domain name from and it is just $1 for the first year. Then you need to find hosting. I host my blog with New Blog Hosting and it is just $35/year. That is not an introductory price. It is cheap and they are so helpful in setting up your WordPress Blog.

If you do end up completing the challenge in a blog and would like to share, I would love to see it. Comment below with your blog url and I will drop by.

I have decided to answer the first question of the challenge here so I can share my story with you.

Day One: How did you and your partner decide when you were ready to start trying to conceive?

When I was a child and was asked what did I want to do when I grew up. I always had the same answer. I wanted to be a teacher and a mom. It never occurred to me that one title would be so hard to obtain.

My husband and I wanted kids as soon as we tied the knot in 2006. Shortly after we got married my husband got a job promotion that moved us away from where I was teaching.

When we moved we got a two-bedroom apartment so we could have room for a baby. We decided that since I wanted to be a stay a home mom, I would not work.

I did get pregnant rather quickly but had a miscarriage a few weeks later.
Then we went through a rough patch with my health. I found out that I had hypothyroidism, but at that point, I did not have much access to health care.

Since we knew our chances were slim we kind of just stopped caring. So the premise “once you stop trying, it will happen” didn’t happen for us.
Once we moved back to Florida in 2010 and got a handle on my health again, we were TTC for about 3 months. Stress from my job slowed us down again.

2019 Update: It has 7 years since I wrote this post and wanted to update it. I quit my teaching job in 2012. My husband and I tried TTC a few more times while falling prey to diet culture. My heart still yearns for a baby as I approach 40 but I have grieved my infertility and I am now looking forward to all that life is going to offer me and my husband.

We enjoy life, have a couple of furbabies, and have an amazing group of friends. We have begun to enjoy the ability to jump up and go wherever we want whenever we want. We are actually thinking about living in an RV full time and traveling.

Click here to download the Infertility Journaling Challenge.

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