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Simple Ways to Make a House a Home

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Home is where the heart is. What makes your home, home? I associate so many things with my home. For each person what makes a home is different. Overall it is the memories, comforts, and smells that make you feel secure, calm, and safe. Here are 5 ways you can make a house into a home for your family. Making your house a home is an important part of homemaking and is not to be overlooked.

5 Ways to Make a House a Home

Making a house into a home doesn’t have to cost much money, it is the small thoughtful things you can do that make your life comfier and calmer.

Also, you do not need a typical house to make it feel like a home. I live in a older apartment building in a less appealing neighborhood. This ways to make a house a home apply even if you are living in an apartment, town house, an RV, or even the

Keep Things Tidy

A messy house does not create a calming atmosphere. This doesn’t have to take much time. Do a ten minute tidy each day. I like having a couple “catch-all” bins to put things into until I have time to put them away properly.

Make the House Smell Nice

You can accomplish this a couple of different ways. One is to actually bake and cook to get homey smells in the home. For instance, I was making caramelized onion honey balsamic chicken the other day and my husband came home and he loved the smell of the caramelized onions wafting through the house.

The second way to achieve pleasant smells is with candles and/essential oils. On days where I don’t cook a bunch, I usually have a candle going. You can choose favorite or seasonal scents.

Display Family Photos/Mementos

Family photos bring up fond memories and love. This is something I need to work on myself. With the invention of smartphones, Facebook, and Instagram, my photo printing days are much less. Try to print a few photos a month to frame and pick up some cheap frames from the Dollar Tree.

I love these photo wall ideas from Making Joy and Pretty Things.

Soften up Your Space

Rugs, pillows, and blankets make a room look like home. They convey that it’s time to snuggle and watch some TV or enjoy a family game night.

Display Your Favorite Things

My husband and I have a few interests but our big interests are retro things and Disney. You can be sure to find old things and lots of Disney memorabilia all around. Displaying things that show off your likes really sets your place apart from any other.

Let’s Discuss….what are some ways you make your house a home?

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